Autumn F.A.R.E. Reminiscing

Ah…the Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E.

I might be just a tad biased but it could just be the best school F.A.R.E. around. It’s certainly got the most full stops in the word F.A.R.E. , that’s for sure. Try typing that more than a few times in a paragraph and a half and see if you like it. But I digress. The day is always pleasant, it’s never too over-crowded, there’s a great sense of community, the variety of music and entertainment on offer is always spectacular, the rides are well priced, even more importantly the queues for the rides are nothing like those at the Easter Show, the food is delicious and homemade, and you can win wine. Wine! What’s not to like?

And there’s great coffee. Never forget that.

As the father of a seven year old speed freak in year 2 I have so far been vaguely involved in two fares so far, blistering my hands setting up and dismantling stalls and chairs and marquees and stages, and this year I’m a bit more involved, also helping a bit with the organisation of the the coming version. And I love it. Every year the Kegworth F.A.R.E. has it all…

The Petting Zoo – where innocent baby animals are stalked by rampaging children who are in turn stalked by the goat, who seems to be getting as much enjoyment out of the day as anyone.

The Rocket Space Ride Simulator – how can you not like that?! A giant rocket! On a truck! In the park! It moves! A bit!

The Giant Slide – the first year the speed freak needed me to go down the slide on a mat with him, as even climbing the stairs to the top seemed like an epic adventure (well, it did for me anyway). Last year – not so much. Bye Dad, and he was gone, and down the slide and back up the stairs and down the slide and back up the stairs…

The Fairground Rides – as the father of a KG kid I got to enjoy the more gentle rides. As the father of a 1V kid a year later I found myself suddenly completely surplus to requirements…and thank goodness for that, for the speed freak went from too intimidated by the faster rides to..oh look my friend is on the Zoominating Lunch Remover (or some similar name), I want to go on, can I? can I? can I?…and from that moment on we did not see him. Well…we did sort of see him…a blur of limbs and laughs being flung around at various angles and speeds that would have detached my retinas but fazed him not at all.

I wonder what delights being the father of a 2E kid at the fare this year is going to bring?

Hopefully not the Adult Hoopla – although it is always my own personal favourite…where the thought of winning booze provides great relief to hot and bothered parents, and where we had to specifically change the rules last year to stop the same two dads winning all the wine – one prize only and be off with you, you devious chaps!

So, do you need any more encouragement to come along? How about bands and choirs from Kegworth and other local schools, home-made crafts, BBQ, raffles with fantastic prizes donated by generous local businesses, sweets, and of course the crowning glory, the coup de grace, the froth on the latte… the Kegworth Master of Ceremonies…

Presenting, once again, Mr Toovey on the microphone – you’ll laugh, he’ll cry…

This year will see the return of all the old favourites, plus there’s exciting speculation of special teacher appearances on the stage, rumours of slime, karaoke and more.*

I can’t wait.

So, come to the Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E. and have fun while supporting your local school, and if you can help in any capacity, please get in touch with Rob – we’ll need lots of volunteers in the lead up to April 7th and on the day itself – lend us your talents, even if they only stretch to “lifting things”. After all, let’s face it, there will be plenty of opportunity to lift, carry, move, dismantle, pick up, pack up and lots of other aerobic movements.

*all or none of that may be true.